A lybian heritage

The Libyan Chechia is an important part of the Arab world's cultural heritage. At one time, the Chechia was the official hat of the Ottoman Empire, and it is still prized for its unique style and craftsmanship. The Chechia is triangular in shape, with a flat top, a thick band around the base, and a tassel hanging from the top. It is commonly made of wool and is usually black, although some variations have been seen in different colors such as the dark red and the black one.

A continuned Tradition

the lybian chechia symbolizes a sense of tradition and is still widely worn today.
The various colors of the chechia can be seen as a sign of respect and honor. Along with the traditional dark red, the black chechia has become the more popular choice in recent years. It is also believed to have an overall more regal look to it and is often used at ceremonies and events such as weddings.