The chechia is back in style at the Qatar World Cup! 

On the occasion of the 22nd Football World Cup to be held in Qatar from November 20, 2022, «Tunisian Chéchia around the world» invites you to join in the festivities dressed in your finest chechia! As in 2018, the team behind the Tunisian Chechia Around the World initiative is proud to present you with their finest handmade chechia products and respect for Tunisian craftsmanship to continue sharing with people from all walks of life a piece of Tunisian culture in the form of this atypical headgear, which can be found on ILEY'COM in several colors! Although the most iconic chechia remains the classic but timeless red one!



Reminder of the 2018 World Cup

This is the same chechia that caused a sensation around the world at the previous World Cup in Russia in 2018. Indeed, Tunisian fans flooded the streets of Russia with their flags, customs and chechias, sharing their joie de vivre and pride in representing their country to the world. And the Russians welcomed them with open arms, embracing Tunisian culture to include it in their own. These acts of fraternity and mutual respect quickly created a buzz on the Internet, with people of all origins posing in photos wearing the famous chechia, also brandishing the Tunisian flag to express their support.


Soon, all this enthusiasm took on such importance that the telephone operator "Tunisie Telecom" decided to shoot a promotional clip by going on location and filming the Tunisian impact on Russian life. The result was beyond comprehension and created even more visibility and enthusiasm, particularly among Tunisians, who found themselves tenfold motivated to come and support their team, Les Aigles de Carthage, against the English team. Taking advantage of this exceptional context, it was the perfect opportunity to launch a campaign through the ILEY'COM project to promote its objectives of helping the Tunisian population.